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Always an eye opener: Visiting our services!

As CEO, I commit to visiting services several times a month to spend time alongside our workforce supporting clients across Dudley Borough. Over the last two months I have so far spent time in two of our local services, visited our service supporting the Lye community and undertook home visits with our Children’s Palliative Care Caseworker.

These visits enabled me to see the world from both the client perspective as well as the staff perspective and I witnessed many client stories, for example:

  • Clients in significant debt due to redundancy and at risk of losing their home;
  • A client struggling to financially support her disabled daughter
  • An adult daughter struggling to care for her mother’s increasing health care needs and the risks associated for her mum living at home
  • A client’s health put at risk by a hospital due to delayed medical intervention and how they could complain
  • Two families who didn’t speak much English who had a 7 year old child and the other, a new baby, struggling to apply for benefits they were entitled to whilst caring for their very sick children and other family members

I sat and watched our staff support such clients with empathy and compassion, offering technical and often complex advice to help resolve the issues that were affecting these client’s and thus increasing their quality of life.

Thank you to the staff that I spent the time with on these days. It showed me that not only are no two days the same in Citizens Advice Dudley Borough, but neither are two appointments!

Laura Thomas, CEO