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Casebook Champion – Judith Bridges

Citizens Advice Dudley Borough introduced a new case management system on 2nd October. One of our volunteers recounts her experience:

I remembered only too well the problems everyone had when CASE was changed to PETRA, and what a difficult experience that was for all of us. However, I can honestly say it has all worked very well and I believe we have made the transition almost effortlessly. So what have I learned from the experience of being a Champion?

Firstly, that it is a good way of getting to grips with something new yourself. I was given excellent help and support from Team Leaders and was trained on the demonstration system. I was then able to support colleagues to use the system before we went live.

Secondly, Casebook is so much better than previous software. This system and processes are more efficient, streamlined and easy to navigate.

Thirdly, and best of all, it has been confirmed what a great team I work with. We always work best as a team, helping and supporting each other when needed, and this was no exception. Now we are getting to grips with the new system and are continuing to learn and pass on new knowledge.

Bring on the next challenge……..but I’ll let someone else be Champion next time!

Judith Bridges – Volunteer Advisor