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Celebrating Volunteers Week! New volunteer

Starting at Citizens Advice Dudley Borough was initially to improve my people skills alongside my law degree and develop a better understanding of working with people. Throughout the training process and hands on experience I have come across various different issues that have had to be dealt with in different ways. Sometimes these can be difficult, and only being here a few months has meant I cant always find an answer straight away, but at Dudley citizens advice everyone is on hand to help. Everyone has various levels of experience, and this is key in helping myself and all the other volunteers in getting the best outcome for the clients.

Volunteering has opened my mind to the diversity of situations people are faced with every day. It has not only developed my skills towards university, it has given me a bigger insight into life as a whole. I look forward to every Tuesday, the people, the experience and the friendliness of the environment makes volunteering even more rewarding.

Lucy Palmer