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Proud Member of Dudley’s Financial Abuse Alliance

On Friday 6th March we were proud to be invited to attend The Dudley Financial Abuse Alliance Launch Event.  This involved a number of organisations across Dudley Borough from a variety of sectors coming together and pledging to work together to end financial crime.  Our organisation is proud to have joined this alliance today.

This type of crime is becoming an increasing problem for many organisations and particularly those most vulnerable across Dudley Borough.  Therefore, Dudley Council has launched the Dudley Financial Abuse Alliance to try and provide support to those most need in this area.  It is often our most vulnerable people who are targeted and as we know scams can have a long-term impact on a victim’s health and wellbeing.

This new alliance of which we are now a part of encourages members to share their experiences and knowledge and expertise under the guidance of Dudley Councils scams unit in order to identify ways to prevent and block future scams.  Since the unit launched over a year ago they have helped to prevent an estimated £4.5 million being lost to scams within the Dudley Borough.

Citizens Advice Dudley Borough has a history of raising awareness of Scams operating across the Borough and supporting victims of Scams.  We are very much looking forward to supporting the Council to identify scams and offer advice to those who fall victims of scams.

Claire Prosser

Service Delivery Manager