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We are Supporting Scam Awareness Month!

On 27th July we met with MP Margot James, Minister at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy along with local Councillors and Trading Standards to discuss what we can do to address increasing scams against citizens of Dudley Borough who are often vulnerable and at risk of financial abuse. We shared experiences of victims to scams and it was highlighted that criminals use sophisticated techniques to repeatedly scam their victims. Increasing levels of fraud and reduced resources mean it’s increasingly difficult to effectively safeguard the vulnerable and to combat criminal groups.  Some key facts were shared:

  • Only 5% of victims report being scammed to the authorities;
  • Average age of a victim is 74 but we shared examples where people of all ages are now being targeted;
  • The average loss is £1000 per victim;
  • A scam victim is 2.4 times more likely to die or require additional care in the two years after a scam

The group agreed that a working party was needed to look at what organisations, businesses, banks and politicians can do in Dudley Borough to raise awareness  and support victims better.  This group will be organised by our CEO and Research and Campaigns Co-ordinator and MP Margot James, councillors and Trading Standards have offered their support.

Laura Thomas – CEO