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Contact Us

If you want to contact us for advice, please go to the GET ADVICE page along the top of the main page of this website and it will explain to you how you can get in touch with us based on what type of advice you require.
If you have an appointment booked and need to cancel, please email with your name, time of appointment, name of staff member you were meeting (if you know). If you have your casebook reference number, that would be useful to quote too.

Send your email to:

Getting your feedback
We welcome feedback on our service – whether it is positive or negative. Your comments help us to continually improve what we do, so if you have any suggestions on improvements we could make or compliments on your experience, we would like to hear from you.


Please use the feedback form below:


Our Service is…..

  • Free – we wont charge for our services
  • Confidential – we wont disclose unless a case of safeguarding
  • Independent – We put you first, it’s about your rights and responsibilities
  • Impartial – Our advice is based on what is right for you as an individual

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination