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British Sign Language Service

What is this service and who can access it?

Our British Sign Language Service is specifically designed to support people within our communities who are hard of hearing or deaf and who communicate through using British sign language.

Our qualified generalist advice caseworker is British Sign Language trained and can give advice on all our advice issues such as employment, benefits, relationships etc.

An NRCPD registered interpreter is also available at advice appointments to support both our deaf caseworker and the client to access any other specialist advice areas within our organisation (such as debt or housing).

How can this service be accessed?

To access this service please text 07834002009 and our caseworker will respond with available appointments. After the initial appointment, any further correspondence can be via email or zoom.

Our Service is…..

  • Free – we wont charge for our services
  • Confidential – we wont disclose unless a case of safeguarding
  • Independent – We put you first, it’s about your rights and responsibilities
  • Impartial – Our advice is based on what is right for you as an individual

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination