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Macmillan Lunch and Learn Event

On the 24th July the Macmillan Benefit Service Dudley Team organised a Lunch and Learn event at Russell’s Hall Hospital to celebrate the achievements of the first year of the service. We highlighted the positive impact that our service can have for cancer patients and their loved ones through the results achieved and the feedback we have received from actual clients.

We were able to share that over the first 12 month period in Dudley the advisors helped 1413 clients and generated £1,538,931.70 in confirmed financial gains for cancer patients and their loved ones.

We also provided examples of the some of the feedback we have received from clients which are as follows:

“Finance was a big worry and caused many sleepless nights – with the help of the adviser we are now content where finances are concerned”

“Excellent service, please continue. A friendly face with a name no press option 1 for this or option 2 for that.”

Representatives from many of the different hospital and community teams and also cancer organisations attended. We had some really positive feedback and we are expecting that as a result more patients will be referred to our service for advice and support in accessing the financial help available in the future.

If you feel that you or a friend or relative could benefit from advice from our service please get in touch.