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Mortgage Arrears Advice Service

What is this service and who can access it?

The Mortgage Arrears Advice Team (MAPS) work in partnership with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and provide advice, options and support to homeowners living in Dudley Borough in order to prevent homelessness.
Where MAPS can assist:-

  • Change or impending change of circumstances; loss of income, redundancy, loss of partner, ill health, retirement
  • Relationship breakdown – beneficial interest / legal rights relating to the property
  • Creditor takes action to secure a debt by way of a Charging Order or Order for Sale
  • Leasehold charges debt
  • Interest only mortgage term ending
  • Interest rate rise – is the mortgage going to be affordable?
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Possession proceedings
  • Eviction
  • Housing options
  • Right to Buy scheme
  • Effect of bankruptcy on the home
  • Assistance claiming Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI housing costs) or issues claiming SMI
  • Endowment shortfall

How can this service be accessed?

Anyone living within Dudley Borough can book an appointment. Contact us on 0808 278 7919 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm

Our Service is…..

  • Free – we wont charge for our service
  • Confidential – we wont disclose unless a case of safeguarding
  • Independent – We put you first, its about your rights and responsibilities
  • Impartial – Our advice is based on what is right for you as an individual

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination