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About Us

Our Vision

Our two-year business and development plan is aligned with the wider Citizens Advice Living Strategy

Our 4 strategic themes are:
Inclusive Access
Organisational Health

Our two-year horizons are articulations of our strategic direction and will be supported by:

Our Purpose
We exist to shape a society where people face far fewer problems

Who We Support
Our information and advice are available to everyone. Structural inequalities lead to certain people facing disadvantages, making them more likely to need our help, and we prioritise their needs

Our Missions
* Provide advice fit for the future
* Be there for people when they need us in the ways that help make the biggest impact
* Close the gap
* End the disparities in access and experience for marginalised people
* Take early action
* Prevent more people reaching crisis by addressing problems earlier

Our Identity
* Led by people’s needs
* Trusted experts
* Rooted in the community
* One service with many leaders
* Strengthened by volunteers
* Good partners
* See the whole person

How We Deliver
* Provide free, independent, confidential and impartial information and advice
* Use the power of our data to advocate and target solutions to underlying root causes of issues
* Learn, adapt and innovate

Do you need immediate help with the cost of living?

For Dudley Borough residents – Our DMBC and ICB funded Dudley Cost of Living Support Hubs may be right for you. Please click on the following link for more information

Dudley Cost of Living Hubs Information

For Wolverhampton residents – Please use this website to access our services

Please find below link to some useful resources:

Cost of living resources