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Research & Campaigns

The Research and Campaigns team is busy working on behalf of the Dudley and Wolverhampton residents to target problems faced on a daily basis.

This fits in with Citizens Advice twin aim:

To improve the policies and practices that unfairly affect people’s lives through our campaign work.

When someone contacts our Citizens Advice it is often the result of an unfair policy or practice. We collect evidence of problems; produce research reports and campaign to have policies and practices changed.  This has an impact not only on the people who use the service but the wider community.

Do you need immediate help with the cost of living?

See our resources by clicking the link below:

Cost of living resources

You can also get help by going to your local council:

If you are a City of Wolverhampton resident, please go to:

If you are a Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council resident, please go to: