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Lets celebrate our volunteers!

As an organisation, we often rely on the help of our wonderful volunteers to support our services, and help us reach as many clients as we can. Each year we celebrate Volunteers Week, and use the week as an opportunity to pay special thanks to all of our volunteers for the help and support they have provided Citizens Advice Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Volunteers Week was first established in 1984 and this year marks an extra special year as we celebrate 40 years of Volunteers Week. Our volunteers continue to dedicate their personal time to offer support and guidance to the local community. We’d like to say thank you to them all and celebrate their commitment and continued dedication to supporting others.
This year, we have asked some of our volunteers to share their wonderful stories and experiences of volunteering with us.

What does volunteering at CADW mean to you?
Vol 1 “I especially like working with my project; I know what the expectations are and understand what I’m doing and when.”.
Vol 2 “Making a difference to people in Dudley and Wolverhampton is what volunteering means to me”.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a volunteer?
Vol 3: “Volunteering for the project is so rewarding because you can see by the smiles on faces when you arrive how much they value the service.”
Vol 2 “The most rewarding part of it is that it makes me feel I’m still useful to other people”.

What has been your favourite part of volunteering for CADW?
Vol 1 “I love the repeated connection with customers that allows me to build relationships over time.”
Vol 4 “Volunteering is really good for me as it gets me out and about. I get a lot of pleasure out of bringing happiness to clients. It all feels very worthwhile.”
Vol 2 “My experience of volunteering in CADW is that of constant help and support for any difficulty, and the social interactions with colleagues”.
Vol 5: “Volunteering at CA is the most varying and interesting opportunity out there, and a good use of my skills”.

To help us highlight how grateful we are for the volunteers and to help show our appreciation, here is a short poem written by Wendy Glear (one of our Referral Support Assessors):

‘Thank you’
Let us say a massive “Cheers”
To all of our volunteers,
They give their time for free
to help us all, including you and me,
Supporting everyone with their issues
I’ve heard they get through many boxes of tissues!
Special thanks for all their dedication,
Their work is definitely worth our appreciation,
So, thank-you to all our volunteers,
We hope you will be with us for many years!