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Employment Client Case Success!

Our client had worked for a local company for over 30 years but the company had stopped trading just before Christmas 2022 and their employment had therefore ended. There was no money to pay  what was owed to them.

The case was allocated to a caseworker who advised that:

  • Dismissal was on the grounds of redundancy and that if the company were in liquidation, the client would be able to claim  redundancy pay and any other monies that was owed from the Government’s Redundancy Payments Service (RPS)
  • However, because the company had simply ceased to trade, the client would have to take the claim for monies owed to an employment tribunal. Providing judgement was then given in their favour  they would be able to claim the redundancy payment from the RPS
  • In addition to the redundancy payment, they were entitled to 12 weeks’ pay in lieu of notice and also holiday pay

The clients claim was accepted to go to employment tribunal and the Tribunal Hearing was held in October:

  • At the Hearing, the employer’s response to the claim was dismissed and the claim was successful in its entirety. Judgment was therefore given and the employer was ordered to pay the total sum to the client
  • The caseworker then made a claim to the RPS for the redundancy payment which has now received. Application has also been made to the High Court on the clients behalf for enforcement proceedings to be taken in an effort to recover the lieu of notice and holiday pay

The client was very grateful for all the help they been given and said ‘’ without your help I would not have got anything!’’