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Alternatives to car travel to get to us


Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine, plus it saves money and is environmentally friendly. Cycling is an easy way to introduce physical activity into everyday life. Regular exercise reduces stress and heart disease and can improve the general health.

Don’t be put off by any steep terrain on your route, there is always the option of purchasing an electric bike. Starting at around £500, they have a range of 20–25 miles and also offer both speed and fitness benefits. The benefits of cycling are numerous, you can find out more about the benefits of cycling at: 2

Cycling maps can be found here, which includes cycle parking:


It’s worthwhile considering buying a weekly or monthly season ticket for bus, train, tube or tram instead. For longer distances by train or bus, big savings can be made by booking saver tickets in advance or by purchasing a number of separate journeys with a ticket for each individual leg of the route.


Find out more about your public transport options and to plan your journey at these websites:


Our Dudley office is a 41 minute walk from Dudley Port train station:

see map with blue highlighted route





Our Dudley office is a 5 minute walk away from Dudley Bus Station. Directions are below – please follow the yellow highlighted route






Motorbikes and scooters cost considerably less to run than a car. For example, 125cc bikes and scooters will do more than 100 miles per gallon, which means a 20-mile daily work commute could cost as little as £5 a week in petrol. Electric scooters are particularly cheap to run – as little as 1p a day. However, their range is limited to 40 miles or less.


If the journey is only a mile or two, it’s better to walk instead? It takes roughly 15 – 20mins to walk a mile depending on how quickly you walk. Whether you’re walking to work or taking the kids to school, not only does it not cost anything, but it also cuts down on pollution and congestion. What’s more, a walk of just one mile can burn off 100 calories.

Find out more about walking at the

Not walking but WHEELING….

The Disability Directory of Information showcases activities and advice on disabled access and travel.

When walking, wheeling or cycling you should follow the Highway Code to keep everyone safe.  In particular:

  • only pedestrians – including people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters – should use the pavement
  • cyclists should only cycle on designated cycle lanes, shared paths and roads
  • on shared, non-segregated paths, all users should be considerate of each other. Cyclists should use a bell to warn of their presence but be mindful that a bell may not be sufficient warning to pedestrians with hearing, visual or mobility impairments

Do you need immediate help with the cost of living?

For Dudley Borough residents – Our DMBC and ICB funded Dudley Cost of Living Support Hubs may be right for you. Please click on the following link for more information

Dudley Cost of Living Hubs Information

For Wolverhampton residents – Please use this website to access our services

Please find below link to some useful resources:

Cost of living resources