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The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is a government body that regulates immigration advice. The OISC divides immigration advice and services into 3 levels, depending on the complexity of the work.

Citizens Advice Dudley and Wolverhampton can give level 1 immigration advice.
For example:
• We can give you advice on simple immigration queries – like working out if you are a British Citizen or checking if your immigration status lets you work;
• We can help you with completing straightforward applications such staying in the UK, varying the conditions of your leave or asking for an administrative review.

If your issue is more complex and you need level 2 or 3 advice, you will need to see an immigration specialist. The Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) provides free casework, advice and guidance on immigration issues for those living across the Black Country.

How to Contact
Please follow the link for details on how to access  RMC Black Country and Birmingham

Self help
If you’re looking for help or advice, then the National Citizens Advice online service may very well have the answer for you. Covering a huge range of issues including Benefits, Work, Debt and Money, Consumer, Relationships, Housing, Law and Rights, Discrimination, Tax, Healthcare and Education, you’ll find a world of information at your fingertips on the National Citizens Advice website, just click on the link:

For Dudley Borough and City of Wolverhampton residents (0808 278 7919)

Face to Face

For Wolverhampton residents – we are in the middle of moving premises so our Snowhill site is permanently closed and due to this we are not currently delivering face to face support. This will change when we are settled in our new venues across the city so please bear with us whilst this transition takes place.

For Dudley residents – Dudley house will be open soon as part of our premises remodelling to ensure we are in venues across the Borough

For Dudley Borough and City of Wolverhampton residents –

Web chat
For Dudley Borough and City of Wolverhampton residents – coming soon!

Do you need immediate help with the cost of living?

For Dudley Borough residents – Our DMBC and ICB funded Dudley Cost of Living Support Hubs may be right for you. Please click on the following link for more information

Dudley Cost of Living Hubs Information

For Wolverhampton residents – Please use this website to access our services

Please find below link to some useful resources:

Cost of living resources