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Pension Wise Service

What is this service and who can access it?

Since 6 April 2015, pensions have changed, giving you more freedom to choose what to do with your pension pot once you turn 50.


We offer free and impartial information and guidance to help you make the most of your money and pensions. Our service is designed to support you in making your own informed decisions based on your circumstances.

We don’t give legal or regulated financial advice or recommend specific financial products because we aren’t regulated or authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to do so. This means we can’t tell you what the best option is for you, or what to do with your money or pension. If you’re looking for personalised money or pensions advice or specific product recommendations, you’ll need to see a regulated financial adviser or seek legal advice.

Find out more about when and how to get professional advice in our guide Do you need a financial adviser: do you need a financial advisor
If you need legal advice, you can find a solicitor on the Law Society website: find a solicitor

How can this service be accessed?

 To book an appointment with one of our Pension Wise guiders, call us between 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am-4.30 Friday on 0800 138 3944, alternatively follow this link to book online Book a free pensionwise appointment

Our Service is…..

  • Free – we wont charge for our service
  • Confidential – we wont disclose unless a case of safeguarding
  • Independent – We put you first, its about your rights and responsibilities
  • Impartial – Our advice is based on what is right for you as an individual

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination